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Counseling for Over-shopping and Over-spending

I cannot think of a more profitable way to spend an evening than in writing a letter of praise for Terrence Shulman (I won't attempt to put all the graduate degree letters after his name). Before meeting with him, the thought of opening up to a stranger was daunting, but Terry has a humble, sincere manner that just invites you to feel at ease from the start. He's honest, but not judgmental, and you feel like he can relate to you because he went through it himself. Terry is a leader of absolute integrity in his field. He spends every day motivating others and preserving his own addiction dissolution. He is compassionate and really cares about helping and healing people and makes you feel welcome in a world where you felt alone. Upon this one individual I'd gladly stake my trust in understanding where the addiction stemmed from and getting the help and encouragement to close the doors on the addiction and live a peaceful life.
Thank you Terry! --L.R.

Hi Terry,
I wanted to share with you that I just received my masters in marriage and family therapy and have managed to keep myself safe. I won’t say there isn’t temptation but that’s when I know it’s time to leave. I also did all my Christmas shopping online (LOL). It’s strange how much getting caught shoplifting actually became a motivation to keep safe. I never want to go through that shame again or lose the opportunity to serve others I’ve worked so hard to build. Anyways, in some way I know you were a part of that and I humbly thank you :) your support and comfort made it possible for me to confront this issue then, now and always. --H.G., Oklahoma

I’m not sure that I have the words to adequately convey how grateful I am to Terry. I was first introduced to him while watching Oprah on an idle Wednesday, after school, in 2004; I had no idea that I would come to personally seek his expertise, wisdom, and compassion 13 years later. But, for a variety of reasons, life became hard and heavy, and I turned first to an eating disorder, and then to shoplifting, to numb my pain and to fill my unconsciously unmet needs. The irony is that, as I stole from stores, I robbed myself of the joy, belonging, and meaning I so desperately sought. So, when the reality of my addiction came to bear, and as I consequently faced the dissolution of my marriage, it was me who was reaching out to Terry. It wasn’t, and still isn’t always, easy to face my fears and my pain, but by sharing his lived experience, humility, empathy, optimism, and unwavering support, Terry has made my journey to sobriety not only a safe one, but also one of joy and enlightenment. The road is long, but I am learning that we cannot truly grasp the depth of our light until we are shown darkness. Honour the work, because it is so worth it.

Thank you, Terry; if only those words were enough. --G.S., Canada

Dear Terry,
I’m sincerely grateful for your specialized support during what has been a very challenging period.

I’m looking forward to continuing as a member of your groups by email as well as participating when possible in calls and meetings!

I’m approaching retirement age, but won’t be retiring although my career at times placed me in the top 5% of women earners. My inability to quench my appetite for things has robbed me of any chance of a financially secure retirement.

Working with Terry and participating in the groups in-person, by phone and email has allowed me to leverage others’ experience to change my own.

Although sober for many years, I have found that Terry has shined a spotlight on a growing addiction that has grabbed a hold of me but whose grip is loosening.

Thank you! Terry for your warm and generous support! --Barbara, Boston

Dear Terry,
It's been 5 years since I completed your therapy program and I'm still theft-free. I was recently promoted to supervisor at my job and am living my life finally. Thank you so much for all of your help. All the best, --Melinda, Utah

Dear Terry,
I am so grateful I made the call to seek help after my arrest. My shoplifting behaviors were escalating and I needed help. I am so glad you were there and understood my issues because you had been there yourself. After my arrest a large part of me just wanted to die because of shame, guilt and embarrassment and calling you and having you pick up the phone might have saved me for further self-destruction. Working with you helped me let go of my shame and live in the present and believe that an honest life, free of shoplifting was and is possible. Thank you so much for everything. For the first time in a long time I feel good about the future.
All the best, --L P., California

I "found" Terry Shulman following my third shoplifting arrest. The court required me to complete a course of counseling which I did but I didn't feel that the program was specific enough so I went on online to see if I could find someone with more expertise. After watching Terry on Oprah Winfrey, I purchased his book "Something for Nothing" and felt that it spoke to me. I am, myself, a therapist which made the disclosure of my shoplifting behavior especially embarrassing. My shoplifting started in high school about the time my family was falling apart. Although I have attended many counseling sessions, I had never disclosed the shoplifting. Talking with Terry allowed me to finally bring this shameful behavior out in the open and to understand the dynamics that fueled the behavior. Terry also referred me to his online support group, CASA, where I was able to talk openly and honestly with other people who understood and supported my recovery. I now understand that repeated shoplifting is an addictive behavior much like alcohol or drug addiction. I am grateful to Terry and CASA for the tools and support I needed to be safe. --J.S.W.

Hi Terry,
It's been awhile and I thought I'd email you an update. I'm theft free for almost 6 years and I can't thank you enough. I could not have done this without your help and I'm so glad at my lowest point I found you and many people suffering just like me. I'm starting a new job next Monday. I remain constantly aware of my addiction and always mindful of the ways it sneaks back in. I'm proud I've come this far and I want you to know how thankful I am of you and what you do.
All the best, --D.N., Connecticut

Dear Terry,
I wanted to tell you I am doing very well! I love how much less stress I have in my life because I'm not constantly thinking about shoplifting. It's crazy to think how much that actually controlled my life and I was unaware of it. Everything just seems to be falling into place and I don't have that nagging feeling anymore of worrying when the other shoe will drop. I've been trying so hard to let go of what I can't control and leave it in my Higher Power's hands! It seems to be working because I can truly say for the first time in a long time that I am HAPPY!! Thank you so much for your help! I couldn't have done it without you!
God bless, --J.P., Indiana

I am now able to see my scars as beautiful-as battle wounds that show the struggle I've endured and ultimate survival. I no longer look in the mirror and see a fat frumpy unkempt little girl. I see a strong woman I am proud of. I am able to do this because of the courage you found to start CASA. I don't know if I ever would've found help to understand this addiction if You hadn't come into my life.

I think about you sitting in that first meeting many years ago. Sitting there for weeks and weeks with no one coming, but you didn't give up. I am able to see beauty in so many things now because of that dark road you forced yourself to walk through alone.

I offer a profound gratitude to you for what you did for me and for so many others- and the legacy you began grows.

Thank you for helping us find beautiful. --GD

Another great outcome for a client. I got retained after the referring attorney felt that the case was getting over his head. Client has a difficult personality disorder around stealing. Picks up another case, while on probation to the same court for the first one. Upon retention, I line her up with Terrence Daryl Shulman, a specialist in these type of disorders. I then get her case, which is open, assigned to a prosecutor. Long and short of it: what could be a nightmare, ends up being charged as a very reasonable low level misdemeanor. I have said over and over again, on my website, that the time to hire a lawyer is when charges are pending. --Michael Steinberg, Attorney-at-law, Michigan

Dear Terry,
It has been 6 months, 20 sessions & weekly CASA meetings since my arrest & I have never been more at peace & happy than I am right now. It is amazing to experience this personal growth after unraveling my shoplifting & codependent behaviors that had taken over my life. Words that used to describe me/my behavior--stealing, controlling, busy, rundown, wanting, envious, impulsive, martyr & rescuer--have been replaced with HONESTY, ACCEPTANCE, RELAXED, HEALTHY, GRATEFUL, CONTENT, CONCIENTIOUS, SELF WORTH, & LETTING GO. Still 6 months of probation & a LIFETIME road of daily safety & recovery ahead; however, I can & will make it happen! Thank you & my CASA family as you will all be part of my life forever.
--T.H. Michigan

Terry Shulman first came to my attention in 2004, while watching the Oprah Winfrey show. In 2011, I had my second arrest for shoplifting, and reached out to Terry. However, I thought I could handle things on my own, and decided not to pursue Terry’s services. Fast-forward to November 2014 and my third arrest. Clearly I had a very big problem with compulsive shoplifting, and decided then and there to contact Terry again and follow through with enrolling in his three month counseling services.
I made the right decision to engage Terry’s services. Reading his books and having hour-long counseling sessions with Terry helped lay the foundation for my recovery from compulsive shoplifting, and underscored my strong commitment to remaining free of this illegal, demoralizing behavior. I appreciate Terry’s kindness and gentle demeanor, and the myriad insights he was able to provide. He also connected me to his (proprietary) CASA online support group, which has proved to be an invaluable resource for my recovery. Through CASA I have met many wonderful, caring, bright and successful individuals who all share the same past compulsive shoplifting behaviors that I have been struggling with for so many years. Together we share stories, strategies, victories, set backs, and encourage one another as we > all work to stay safe and shoplifting-free.
Working with Terry Shulman is the smartest investment anyone struggling with compulsive shoplifting can make. If you truly want to change your behavior, this is the place to start. --M.S., Iowa

I had been struggling with my demons (shoplifting, overshopping, and hoarding) for years and it has taken a terrible toll on my physical and emotional health, family, relationships, work and home. I contacted Terry after I had dug myself into a hole yet again and found him to be empathic, knowledgable, and understanding. At the same time, Terry lay ground rules and never let me minimize or deny the frightening consequences that these addictions, if left unchecked, will inevitably have. I found Terry's three month program to be of immense value. Thank you Terry for helping
me to uncover a healthier self and a healthier life. This is not a battle I could have fought on my own. --Laura from Illinois

Hi Terry,
I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I wanted to let you know that I'm doing
well. I posted an update in the group tonight. I just thought I would check in with you. This is the first year I have ever missed Black Friday and it was okay. Not as hard as I thought it would be. This is the first year I can remember that I didn't over shop, spend or shoplift anything. Wow. It feels good to say that, I have been tested but have not given in to the urge to actually go to a store. I am still working on going through the clutter at my house. I have too much stuff... Salvation Army was happy to see me today. I can't thank you enough for writing your books, your program has changed my life and helped me stay safe. I'll continue to keep you updated too... --Catherine, Michigan

Hi Terry,
Things have been quiet here, thank goodness. I've settled my embezzlement case privately with my former employer so I don't have to go to court. I'm finally eating and sleeping again. I've not had a single urge to steal anything and even think "no way!" when I read news stories of people who are caught stealing. I honestly think that the active urge/need to steal has gone from me, but I'm not so naive to think that it isn't still dormant inside me. But overall I'm feeling good and making progress with moving on. I think it is such am amazing gift and talent that you're able to take on the problems of all the CASA participants, and to help them turn their lives around like you did for me. I thank God every day for leading me to you!
-- Tatiana, Oregon

My S/L problem has been the most acute symptom of growing up under "chronic stress” but I never would have known this without working with Terry. I just assumed I was greedy or sneaky or bad or deranged. There is no official disease label for SL addict, as there is with other behavioral diseases. This, and the the utter shame that our society puts on people who steal (worse than people who commit other sins, in my opinion) keep us in the dark from recovery. I’m glad to have gotten some help and resources from Terry. -- Nicki H, Ohio

Hi Terry,
Just thought about you and wanted to say Hi. I'm doing fine. Staying safe. Things are going well in all aspects of my life. Amazing what a difference a year made. It was around last July 4th when I was arrested. I am eternally grateful for how you've changed my life!
Warmest regards, --Cynthia, Texas

Thank you for everything you have done for me. I greatly appreciate your help. I will keep you updated on my court and I am so happy I found your services. Thank you again. --Julie P., Michigan

Dear Terry,

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for all that you have done and how you have changed my life. It was truly a blessing that I found you. I feel like I just experienced a miracle today. It also feels like I just woke up from an emotional coma. I like your hear attack analogy btw :-). I will stay connected and true to my recovery. I believe the best way to say "Thank you" to you is to be one of your success stories. --Dr. C.P., Texas

Hi Terry.... how are you? Holy cow... it's been two years already since i did the phone therapy with you back in 2011.. I am doing very very well and thank you for all your help and insight for helping me and the rest of those who are dealing with this terrible issue. I've been very much in peace without having any kind of cravings or urges to steal mostly because I've learned a lot from my faith and from your program. --T.T., Pennsylvania

To anyone who can't stop shoplifting on their own:

In recovery from alcoholism for several years, I thought I was quite self aware. I didn't see my shoplifting as a spiritual or emotional issue, just something I would outgrow eventually. After several arrests and lots of pain and embarrassment, I found "Something for Nothing" and began Terry's three month program. I got some real breakthrough insights into the core beliefs I held that drove my compulsive shoplifting behavior. Little by little I am letting go of those ideas and replacing them with more realistic views, making it way more comfortable to be in the world successfully. I don't know where I would be if I didn't find the understanding, support and solutions offered by Terry and the CASA groups. I love myself today and can walk with my head held high.

There is hope! --J.C., Indiana

Dear Terry,

Thank you with all my heart for being there for me during a tough time in my life. Working with you has truly been a life changing experience. You have shed meaning and clarity to my life and given me directions that I never thought possible. I really believe that it was by the grace of God that I found you while hopelessly searching for some kind of help on the Internet.

I have come to terms with what I am facing. My behavior was wrong and I need to be responsible for my actions. I realize that I need to go through all of this in order for me to turn my life around. And in some strange ways, it gives me a sense of peace and strength to move on.

I don't know if I can ever thank you enough for all that you do other than to pray for you. I pray that the good you do for others come back to you many folds.

God bless, --Margaret, Texas

Hi Terry,
Muchas gracias, thanks for showing this great interest in always keeping this a safe and open place for all of us. As always I am impressed with your beautiful ability to listen carefully and weigh thoughtfully all shares and feelings. That is a quality I was able to feel all the time through my short therapy with you. --D.A., Mexico

To whoever may be looking for help:

I have been a member of CASA (Cleptomaniacs And Shoplifters Anonymous) since about 2005. I was just recalling vividly this morning my very 1st week in therapy with Terry that year when my "assignment" was to stay out of stores for the entire weekend. I remember being a total wreck about it as I was certain I couldn't so it. That idea seems so incredibly strange to me now -- to not steal for 2 days. I've been completely s/l free for many years now and it's a very distant memory of what it used to be like in my "former life."

I just wanted to share with you that if it happened for me, it'll happen for you too. Just keep working what Terry puts before you and it'll get you there and keep you safe one day at a time. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed, just take each day as its own accomplishment and journey. (You are worth investing in). --Gabby in Michigan

Dear Terry,

I have been wanting to write you ever since the day after I received your book in the mail.

I've been trying to find the words to write you a letter. In short, I can't possibly express how much reading your book meant to me...but I want to try. I picked it up and was unable to put it down until I had finished it. Thank you. I admire your courage in writing this book and sharing your personal story to help others going through their own challenges.

I cried through the entire book, because, while I couldn't relate to the chronic shoplifting situations detailed in the stories...I could relate to the chronic underlying pain and depression that most of the people felt. I cried because I realized that it was a blessing in disguise that I got caught my first time, because it woke me up to the fact that I need support and professional advisement on coping techniques to deal with my depression and traumatic situations from my past that I haven't been able to fully recover from.

At the conclusion of your book, I think the two things that struck me the most were things that I always knew to be true, but had somehow fallen out of my current awareness, due to all of my stress and depression. One, is that no matter who we are and what our background is, our stories are the same. We all have a fear to face and we all make mistakes. No one has it easy and all anyone really wants is health and happiness for themselves and their friends and family. And two, one can't have fear where there is faith. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason and I've always hated it when people say "Life isn't fair". This incident was my rock bottom and even there, I was met with kindness, support and encouragement. The irony is that the person that has treated me the worst through all of this, the only one that has been unforgiving and unkind and telling me how I'm totally myself. I know I have a lot of work to do, but if I can somehow figure out how to forgive myself and find someone that can show me how to cope with my past and current life challenges, I know I'll be able to use this negative experience for something good.

You have helped me find direction in a time of a lot of uncertainty. Thank you again for all of your kindness, and for all of the incredible work that you do to help so many people.

Sincerely, Andrea

Count me in as one of your success stories. It seems like shoplifting is a distant memory. Thanks for helping this be the case. It's been three years and counting! --Wendy, New York

My court date that I last told you about went good. Actually, I just got released from probation a year and 3 months early! My life has been wonderful. Thank you so much for your help!
Hope all is well, --Miranda, Michigan

I completed the 10-session program with Mr. Shulman and found it helpful doing this by SKYPE. It was the next best thing to meeting in person since we were able to make visual contact as well as audio contact. I encourage anybody who lives far from Michigan to not let that deter you from working with Terry. Reading his book SOMETHING FOR NOTHING in advance and doing all the exercises was key. It allowed us to focus 100% of our time on helping me establish tools to help me live a safe and honest life, totally free of shoplifting and grey area behavior. Having my husband read Terry's book was also very helpful. There is no easy path to recovery - anybody who thinks there is isn't being realistic. If you are tired of living in the darkness of your addiction and really ready to learn a new way of living I recommend working with Terry. You will get the most benefit from his program if you commit to doing the hard work required for recovery. Being part of the CASA email support group and the phone support group have been additional benefits of working with Terry. These benefits have been invaluable as I journey forward. I will never be cured but I am living a safe life and that is magical. I never thought I could do it. Thanks, Terry! --Dee, FL


Thank you for the emails and updates. I will be free from shoplifting for two years in September. Thank you for showing me the way, providing the light in a very dark tunnel. --Paula

I'm so glad I found out about you and your book(s) when I did a google search several months back. I never imagined there was such a network of support for this problem, and you are the main person behind all of it. The support has been immensely helpful. It's been so liberating to write and speak freely about my shoplifting problem when it's been such a big secret for so long. I thank for for your personal interest in me and my family and how this addiction affects all of us. I don't feel like I'm "all better" yet, and maybe I never will, but I have been treating this like a real addiction for the first time by staying away from stores, and I have come to realize that it must be this way, at least for now. I don't feel strong enough yet to be out shopping alone. Maybe someday that will come, but at least I am not stealing now and playing Russian Roulette with my life. Thank you for your kindness, caring, and support. Thank you for what you're doing for addictive shoplifters. You are a true pioneer. --Susan in NY.

Mr. Shulman,
I wanted to thank you for writing "Something for Nothing". I finished reading it last night. It was uncomfortable to read....your honesty is inspiring....much of what you say....your thoughts and actions are similare to what I've struggled with since a kid. I'm in my 50's now and was finally caught a few weeks ago.
My shoplifting activity started when I was in my early teens. I stopped for several decades, but when my wife was in the late stages of metastasized breast cancer I started again. It continued after she died several years ago and I became very depressed. Shoplifting gave me a temporary relief.
I didn't need the things I take. I could well afford them. It's insane that I continued.
Being caught was horrible. I'm ashamed. I'm embarrassed. And to make matters worse, I work in the loss prevention business (I've not stolen from my employer).
I'm trying to see it as a message. To stop. To change. To create a better life.
Thank you again....your book has helped me realize I'm not insane. And started me on the road to recovery. --R

I found Terry by googling & researching how I would get help with my shoplifting problem. I was embarrassed & unsure of how to confront the issue. Terry got back to me within 24hrs of calling him. I went through 10 sessions & found him to be a great help with all my shoplifting & over spending problems I felt comfortable disclosing the details of what I thought was an unsolvable problem. I would highly recommend Terry to help you with your issues.  -- Leah (Canada)

I am doing pretty good. No shoplifting for almost 5 months! I have had urges, but have used the tools and the phone to stop my actions. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help with the therapy that I received from you. I truly know that without you, I would have never got through my addiction so gracefully. I now understand that I can accomplish what I dream of with jard work, and with the help of others who have addictions like myself. I know that I will never be cured, but I can remain in recovery with the help of you, CASA, the teleconferences, and always using the tools that the 12 step program provides. I really have never felt so good about myself in all my life! I believe that I am now making a difference in my girls lives. Thank you for answering the phone that cold December 8Thmorning when I called you ready to ask for help. I will never forget the blessing you have been in my life.
Sincerely, -- S.H.L. (Ohio)

If only I had not been caught stealing, I would never have gotten to this place that I am right now....
I would have never looked for Terry Shulman! I would have never started my recovery in therapy with him.
I would have never learned how it feels to be forgiven.
I would have never been able to experience truly forgiving someone else.
I would have never become closer to my little sister or my mom.
I would have never been able to understand and forgive my dad or be able to have such an awesome relationship with him now.
I would have never met my soul sisters from my phone group!
I would have never been able to have friends that have actually experienced what I experience, and who understand without me even explaining what I do!
I would have never found this group where I have read and learned so much from people who feel like family to me even thought I have never even met them!
I would have never been able to hold my head high when telling my children my rules and really believe that I was making the right decision.
I would have never been able to teach my children right from wrong, and felt okay doing it!
I would have never been able to trust that God, my Higher power, knows exactly what He is doing, and that I can get through it all with a little prayer and a lot of Faith!
I would have never been able to listen to advice given to me from complete strangers and felt as though they were speaking from experience, not judging me.
I never would have been able to appreciate what I have because I never knew what it was like to be in jail and have nothing!
I never would have appreciated "having no control" does not mean that I am out of control.
I never would have been thankful for all the simple things that I see every day like the flowers, the sun, the clouds, the rain, the wind, the birds, the bees, and the grass.
I never would have fully understood the gift of true friendship and honesty with those friends.
I never would have met Patti, my hypnotist, who took away all of the shameful hurt feelings that I had bottled up inside me since I was 6 years old.
I never would have experienced waking up every morning without the urges of stealing and committing illegal acts.
I never would have been able to relax and be able to laugh at some of my old behavior.
I never would have understood that I will always be IN RECOVERY, and NEVER RECOVERED.
I never would have been grateful to be in recovery instead of mad that I would never be recovered.
I never would have seen that my actions were causing so much pain and agony for me and for those who love me.
I would have always been so selfish in how I treated others by my actions.
I never would have understood why I was crying out by stealing and would have never tried to understand how to stop those actions.
There are so many more the list is never ending, but I must share that I am so glad the I got caught, because I never would have been the true me that I am now, and this is how I hope to stay now and forever, with you all, on-line, on the phone, in therapy, and hopefully one day in person.
Thank you all for helping me to become the happy, content individual I am today. I will always choose the high road from now on, never again the easy road of shoplifting, and dishonesty!
Blessings to each and every one of you!
Sincerely, --S.H. Ohio

Hi Terry, I thank you so much for everything. Thank you for all the work you have done and for the online CASA as well. It has been an amazing hard and scary four-month-plus journey for me since Jan 19, 2011. I've learned so much from you about myself since working with you and reading your book. Reading the daily posts, listening and sharing thoughts and hurt feelings on the teleconference meetings has been truly a savior for me. I am extremely grateful for you and the knowledge you have in this addiction. You are awesome in what you do and I would not be where I am today right now without your hard work and dedication to help me understand my underline issues. Thanks a million, Terry!  Warmest Regards,  --TT, Pennsylvania

I had been stealing since age 10—over 30 years. After five prison terms and a recent arrest for shoplifting, I was facing more time in State Prison. Then I found Terry. Through Terry and the CASA meetings I was able to finally understand why I stole. I have not shoplifted since my work began with Terry and the meetings. I have a new outlook on life. I am able to control my urges without medication. I have even been blessed in court. I will not be going back for a sixth term. Terry's letter helped sway the judge to let continue treatment. I no longer feel that life is unfair and I can get "something for nothing." I realize nothing is worth it. Shoplifting has a much higher price that the cost of the item. For me, the cost of that stolen item was anxiety, panic, suicidal thoughts, depression, years of my life away from my kids in prison, lawyer fees, fines, etc... I am grateful for my new way of life. It feels great and I can finally take a breath without fear. Thanks Terry! --Karen, California


I finally got to watch the CNBC documentary on shoplifting this past weekend in which you were featured. I really enjoyed it and it was a great reminder of how serious the rest of the world views this issue. Needless to say, seeing you on screen also reminded me of the value of our work together. I'm doing well, taking one day at a time and keeping incredibly busy. Thanks for all you do to continue this campaign alive. Sincerely, -- L.S., Utah

I faced my fourth arrest in 30 years a few months ago and my attorney asked me to contact Mr. Shulman. I realized that I was addicted and it was no longer a matter of choice. I knew I needed professional help, compassion and understanding, and the tools to deal with my situation. When I called Mr. Shulman I was highly impressed with how sensitive he was towards my volatility those early days after the incident. Throughout our sessions, he taught me about the danger signs, tools to fight the urges, triggers coming from external environments, warning signs coming in from internal conflicts, and a 12 step program towards recovery. If I had enrolled in this therapy earlier in my life, I would be in a much better place now.
Thank you Mr. Shulman. -- L-C

Happy Holidays to you! It has been over a year since I had my 3-day program with you. I couldn't have stayed clean without those sessions.
Thank you so much for helping me get my life together. -- Tammy, Michigan

Dear Mr. Shulman:
I have been following your site for a few years now -- I am a recovering shoplifter for almost five years and I've been through hell and back in that time. Following a sexual assault, I became a compulsive shoplifter and was arrested and convicted twice for stealing from two grocery stores -- (2005 & 2006). I have been out of job for over two years and can't find anything remotely decent or anything that pays well because of the my history and the background checks employers perform. I am just at my wit's end, frustrated beyond belief yet hopeful that things will turn around at some point. I am in the process of trying to get my record expunged too but that takes a great deal of time but obviously, it is worth the wait. But until then, I just feel trapped and awfully sad because I can't utilize my talents.
Thanks for your website, your candor and offering hope for so many of us. I have also read your book "Something for Nothing." I believe shoplifting is a silent disease that few will discuss because it's embarrassing and for many of us who don't need the items we've stolen it seems like such a waste yet it filled a deep void for me many times. Through a lot of hard work in counseling and therapy for many years and being honest with myself, I changed for the better and became a stronger person. If there is anything I can do for your organization, please let me know -- gratis, of course! Keep up the great work! – A.H. , CT.

It is impossible for words to express the gratitude I feel for all that you have done for me since we met 6 months ago. I was so fortunate to find you & to be able to work with you intensively for 3 days, and then again 3 months later. Your incredible ability to accept me for who I am, and to be totally understanding & nonjudgmental, has helped me to begin to accept & love myself. I have suffered from low self-esteem for many years, perhaps my whole life, & have seen many therapists. But it wasn't until I worked with you that I was able to move forward & truly start to heal. You made it possible for me to feel totally safe in telling my WHOLE story, which included years of shoplifting, & all the shame & guilt that entailed. You have helped me to realize that I am not alone, & that I am not a bad person, but rather one of many people in the world who is in pain & acting out in a way that is only causing more pain & isolation.
Thank you for helping me to learn how to truly know & care for myself, which makes it possible for me to know & care for others. Thank you for sharing your strength & courage & wisdom. You inspire me to be a better person -- a person who strives to live honestly & with integrity, & who gives & serves others instead of takes. I am so grateful for knowing you & having the opportunity to work with you. Wishing you much joy & peace! -- S.E., North Carolina

I just wanted to say "Hi" and let you know how I am doing. I received counseling from you over a year ago. Anyway, I want to thank you for what you have devoted your life towards. You truly made a difference in my life and helped me get back on track (a place that I clearly hadn't been in a while). I have been clean since then (over a year) without temptations or even thoughts of returning back to that lifestyle even with the many changes that have occurred in my life during the last 6 months.
I go to church weekly to thank God for my life and how fortunate I feel every day. I will never forget how you helped me. I am still very close friends with the girls that caught me and thank them for support as well. I am sure that your job isn't always, Thank you.   -- Emily S., Arizona

Dear Terry,
Thanks to your guidance, our brief discussions and your book, "Something for Nothing," I have stopped shoplifting. I attribute all of my work and success, though brief, sobriety from shoplifting, to you, your book, and following a CASA type program. I was lost and horrified until I found the answer through your words of wisdom and knowledge of the subject matter. I've also enjoyed your newsletter each month and have watched and listened to all of your appearances in the media regarding shoplifting. Thank you, Mr. Shulman, for giving me a life of freedom, honesty, a life free from running scared and the fear of loosing my beautiful family. I remain eternally grateful to you Mr. Shulman. Peace! You are an amazing person to have done all of this selfless work to save other humans from deep depression and hell.
Very Sincerely Yours, -- Mary Z-D.

I have abstained from shoplifting for months now from the day I started therapy with Terry. I was ready but needed an extra hand to stay motivated. Terry gave me insight and consistently reminded me of all the harm that could come to me and my loved ones were I to continue with my self-destructive behavior. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, he helped me to stop not only out of the fear of repercussion but also for the peace and confidence it would afford me and allow me to grow as a spiritual and ethical person.
Terry helped me to see that this addiction did not make me a "bad" person but that I would have to take responsibility for it in order to feel less like a victim of it and, therefore, less in control of it. These are also things I learned in his book but having him help me apply his knowledge and advice to my own personal situation was invaluable and essential in helping me become and remain abstinent. I hope the same for everyone who is reading this. Thanks Terry :) -- Sincerely, Wendy, NJ

Nearly one year ago, after my second arrest, I knew I needed help but I still didn’t seek it out. After my third arrest, a few months later, I still felt the same but I knew I had to do something this time. When I first heard about Mr. Shulman and his counseling program I didn’t take it seriously. If anything, I figured people probably just sought his help to get him to write letters on their behalf to help reduce their court sentences--who wouldn’t want this kind of assistance? How wrong I was.
It didn’t take me long after speaking to Mr. Shulman myself to know he really wanted to help me. Not only did he help me understand my shoplifting issue but helped me get a hold on my life. He was there anytime I needed him and was willing to discuss anything and everything. He helped me tie together lots of different aspects of my life to help me understand what I was really dealing with: the underlying issues.
The best thing I did to help myself get a handle on my addiction and my life was to contact Mr. Shulman and to utilize the CASA online support group which Mr. Shulman started and co-moderates. The support group has been an invaluable source of assistance and encouragement: it’s helped remind me I am not alone with my problems and now I have a place to share both my problems and successes and a means to help improve my life.
I hope someday to put shoplifting behind me and go on living without the worries I have now. Since completing Mr. Shulman’s program, I’m doing well and, if the need ever arises, at least I know I have the support of Terry and all my new friends at CASA. It’s a nice feeling knowing I have people out there who understand me and support me without prejudice and without reservations. We could all us friends like that. -- Don, PA

Dear Terry,
I hope this holiday season finds you well. I just saw you on the local news last night speaking about shoplifting. As usual, you are still helping people with this horrible secret addiction. I wanted to let you know that things are going very well for me in the last three years since I completed your counseling program. I’m pretty much free of evil thoughts. I speak openly with my husband and family about myself and I finally told my best friend about my “secret life” and now she knows why I don’t carry a purse into the stores! I miss you but continue to follow-up with a psychiatrist who is helping me, too.
I just want to say thank you. You saved my life during one of the darkest periods of my life. I would not have made it this far without you. You are amazing and you’ll never be forgotten by me or my family. Thank you for giving me my life back. -- Fondly, N.S., Michigan

Dear Terry,
I hope that your new year is off to a good start. I can't thank you enough for your help. I have been 100% clean since March!!!! I feel absolutely liberated about that. Sure there have been temptations but I keep telling myself "It's not worth it, you are better/stronger than that". I am at the point where I hardly even think about it anymore. I feel liberated and at peace. I feel like myself again. Thank you again for your help in making me the person that I so wanted/needed to become. -- Emily, AZ

I am a 43 year old wife, mother and grandmother who lives in Canada and has been charged for the 2nd time for shoplifting. The first time was actually employee theft 20 years ago. I spent 90 days in jail and thought that I would never shoplift or steal again after that experience. And it worked for about 15 years but then I found myself shoplifting again and it became worse and worse.
Recently, I was charged for the 2nd time. The bottom fell out of my world again. I have lost my job, my self respect and the respect of others. When I was at my lowest point and feeling close to suicide, assuming that there was no hope for help and that no one would understand what I was going through, I found the Shulman Center website. I read the web site that night till about 2 in the morning. For once I was reading testimonials from people that DID understand and I finally felt that maybe there would be hope.
Two days later I was in contact with Terry who did a phone session with me. I scheduled a 3 day session with him in Michigan (I live in Ontario ) and have absolutely wonderful things to say about my experience. While there I was fortunate to actually attend one of the CASA support groups that Terry has started. What an amazing experience that was. My husband also attended the CASA group and part of my therapy with Terry. This was very valuable for both of us.
I have made it (so far) this Christmas season without shoplifting. I am very proud of myself and feel very liberated every time I walk out of a store. I have limited my shopping, do not go into a store with a purse or reusable bags and often leave my jacket in the car too. I feel stronger than I have in years, but am not naive enough to think that I have kicked the ass out of my addiction. I know now that I can never let my guard down again. I will continue to benefit from the support that comes from the kind and understanding people such as Terry and those in his support groups have. Thanks Terry. -- Cindy ( Ontario )

Dear Terry,
Just wanted to let you know I saw the CBC production on shoplifting that featured you and your work. It looked very good and I hope it brings a new wave of clients to you to help as you have done so well with my son.  Actually, I wish there was no need for your service but life is what it is and you are making a very positive difference for people who have no where else to turn. I wish you the best.. -- D.M., Canada

I am 49 years old and was arrested for the 4th time for shoplifting. I had to face the fact that I was an addict and I was not going to stop by myself. I was desperate to figure out why I was doing this and how to stop.
I went online looking for any type of intensive program that specialized in shoplifting. The only program that seemed promising was Terry Shulman's three day intensive therapy. I talked to Terry by phone a few times and then went to his three day session.

Going in I felt shame, guilt and worthlessness. We delved into my past for clues and discovered rejection and abandonment I received as a child and young adult. I am also a very anxious person. I would get pent up with anger, guilt and anxiety and would shoplift. I had a relief or calm afterward but then the cycle would start again.
With Terry's help, I was able to work on my past and present issues and make a plan of how I would stay clean. We also worked through his book, “Something for Nothing”. I really needed the 3 day intense counseling to get me off to the right start on my life without shoplifting. Coming out of the 3 days I have a more positive attitude, less shame knowing I am not alone and confidence in my ability to not shoplift again. -- TL, Michigan

Dear Terry,
I found your website at one of my darkest moments. I was facing trial on my second shoplifting arrest and wanted desperately to change my life. I couldn't tolerate the person I had become anymore. After an initial discussion with you, I read your book, Something for Nothing, and then participated in your 10-session private phone counseling.
I had never talked with anyone about shoplifting, so I was very nervous. You made me comfortable and in 10 weeks, I can't believe the ground we covered. I learned so much about myself and my addiction. And you provided me with the tools I need to stop.
Today, I am leading a much happier life, I feel like a whole person again, and I have stepped from the shadows of addiction into the light of a life filled with hope, joy, and honesty. I am becoming the person I have always wanted to be!
Thank you, Terry! -- B.B, Florida

The first time I heard about Terry Shulman was through his website. After my arrest for shoplifting, I was on the Internet trying to find an attorney and trying to understand what I did. What amazed me was that here was a man who not only admitted in public what had happened to him but also that had built a stepping stone to help others. I bought his book immediately and was fascinated and relieved to find out that I was not alone. I hesitated to contact Terry but I am so glad that I did. Through counseling with him I was able to be more open, without the shame I felt talking to my therapist and attorney. It was very comforting to talk with someone who could really understand what I was going through.
Terry also helped me not only through our sessions but through letters he wrote to my attorney who in turn gave them to the judge and my probation officer which gave them insight into my problems. Terry also gave me hope that it all would end well and it did.  Thank you, Terry, for everything. I am glad that you have crossed my path. -- ER,Ohio

Dear Terry,
I read both of your books—first page to back page—three, four, maybe even five times. “Something for Nothing” is such an informative, beautiful, fabulous book. It’s just extraordinary. You cover so much and you’re so honest and there’s so much integrity to it.
You are such a hero to me and, I’m sure, millions of others. I just think you’re brilliant and compassionate and empathic. That you’re spending this time and sharing all this information about yourself and others and helping is such a wonderful way of healing. So, I wanted to acknowledge you and tell you “thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.”
There’s so many people and so many companies that could utilize you and have you do seminars for them. You’re just really doing a beautiful job and I thought that I was the only one out here experiencing this and feeling shame about it. I just don’t know how else to thank you and acknowledge you and give you commendation. I don’t know how else to say it except “thank you.” Feel free to use my words. Again, I’m speechless. --  T.S., California

"My work with Terry has been very enlightening! He guided me on a path of self-discovery and growth and offered the support that can only come from a person who has been there himself. Through the 10 sessions, I learned many new skills for living with this addiction, had the chance to try them out and then got to share my experiences in my next session. I felt that together we built a solid base for my recovery and I highly recommend Mr. Shulman's counseling."  --T.C., Chicago, Illinois

"I had a healing, cleansing experience by counseling with Mr. Shulman. He not only helped me understand why I had been stealing, but gave me the tools and the confidence to see the warning signs of future relapses." --Dave, Port Huron, Michigan

"Mr. Shulman, you helped me begin my recovery journey and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have a new relationship with money now--I've even become a generous tipper! But most of all, I feel good about who I am. I feel at peace." --D. W., Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"My willingness to change and Mr. Shulman's program have truly changed me. If I had known about this program earlier, I could have avoided so much pain, trouble and legal issues."  --A. C., New Orleans, LA

"I had a serious problem I could not kick by myself. I had no idea there was any form of help for people who shoplifted or stole. Why was I doing this? Why was I throwing away my once clean and honest life and risking all? I entered Mr. Shulman's 10 session phone counseling program and read his book. Mr. Shulman helped me understand my past and why I started shoplifting. Now, four months into my recovery, I have the tools to help myself avoid shoplifting and I have a solid plan to walk safely through my life from this point on. I am very relieved to learn these things and now firmly believe I am not a criminal nor a bad person. I would highly recommend Mr. Shulman's book and counseling services. He provides a safe and supportive environment to begin the road to recovery." --Jim, Albuquerque, N.M.

I just want to thank you again for all your help. Words simply don't express how grateful I am to you. You helped me feel that I am not a bad person and that I'm a very important person to my family and in my own right. You have helped me understand that my past is what has made me feel sad and alone. Through our therapy session, I learned to value the love my family has shown me every day. I finally feel more at peace and like a new person and hope to one day have complete trust from my daughters and husband. Again, thank you for helping me. --M.A. Chicago, IL


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